An Anti-Valentine’s Day Campaign?

By Bix  |  February 13, 2012  |  Branding,Messaging,Nonprofit Communications,Social Media

Whatever your personal feelings about Valentine’s Day, can your organization benefit from the hearts, candy, red and pink bows that surround February 14? Yes, in fact, it can.

Some nonprofits that address dating abusegender-based violence,
marriage-equality, and other issues, have piggybacked on Valentine’s Day to successfully draw attention to their message. But what if your nonprofit has no way to draw a correlation – direct or indirect – with St. Valentine?

Here’s an option: Generosity Day.

True, it doesn’t have quite the same ring as Valentine’s Day but the Acumen Fund is campaigning to “re-boot” (i.e. re-brand) Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day – a day to be more generous with one’s time, skills, and of course, dollars.

Now you are not one of those people thinking, “Nice idea, but how does this help me?”. But some of us asked that question and here’s the answer: supporting Generosity Day may not benefit you right away. But it will in the long run.


  • By promoting Generosity Day, whether it’s through a Tweet, a quick post on Facebook or on your own website, you are publicly positioning your organization as supportive of the ideals of giving, sharing, being generous and collaborative. This builds moral capital, along with a nice dose of visibility for your cause.
  • You are part of building a movement – a movement that inspires people to give. Generously. How can that not help?
  • And finally, by participating – perhaps by telling your employees or colleagues how much you value them, or maybe by generously thanking your volunteers – your organization is collecting that priceless treasure: good karma.

Happy Generosity Day. Spread the love and the word.

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