#GivingTuesday – A Flurry Of Asks…

By Stephanie  |  December 8, 2015  |  Nonprofit Development,Uncategorized

RTRNWUMI got at least 20 requests for support on #GivingTuesday last week. How many did you get? Maybe we can make it a competition!

Regardless of the saturation of requests we all receive on this now annual campaign, its merits are many. During a season of exceptional gluttony and spending, #GivingTuesday – at the very least – reminds us to take a break and take out the credit card for a reason other than superfluous tchotchkes, kitchen gadgets, and mittens.

At the same time, #GivingTuesday will never be your organization’s answer to a floundering fundraising year. This annual campaign is useful when you’ve already done the work for the year. When your donors already feel connected to your mission, informed on your progress, engaged and involved. When you are already at the top of their list of priorities and things they care deeply about – and they just need a little reminder or push to send another donation your way during the holiday season.

So, what do you need to do so that #GivingTuesday 2016 reaps you the benefits it seems to mockingly promise each year? Here are the essentials:

  • Keep your donors updated year round on organizational successes and challenges, and cause-related news and developments, via social media channels.
  • Send donors monthly/quarterly e-newsletters that a) are not too wordy; b) are compelling and relevant; c) include pictures, videos, and other media that enables them to connect with your organization visually.
  • Organize events – I know, easier said than done – but people still very much need to meet each other face-to-face occasionally to stay invested in their relationships. This reality spills over to donor relationships with organizations.  To stay invested, or increase their investment over time, donors need to experience your mission and work first hand. Organize events such as rallies, forums/panels, friend raisers, movie screenings, galas etc. Give people a chance to show up and get to know you and your work.
  • Send your donors direct mail. We all agree: it is not dead. People delete emails faster than they throw out mail. Send them a compelling letter with a compelling ask (financial and/or action-oriented) at least once a year.

If you can stay connected to your donors year round, they may actually open your #GivingTuesday email appeal – and better yet – take out their credit cards and make a donation.

Well, we can hope anyway.

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