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Show, Don’t Tell: Tips to Make Your Grant Proposals Stand Out

First things first: ask yourself, when you’re reading online, are you actually reading? Or are you skimming? No judgement, we all do it!
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Need a promo video? We’ve got a deal

We all know videos are powerful tools for raising awareness and fundraising. But affording professional production services can be challenging. TakeTwo is happy to offer video production and consulting services that scale to your needs as a small nonprofit. Our …
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Our New Video And How We Made It

In July, Stephanie and I had exactly half-a-day together when we both were free to “take off” from work, and how did we choose to spend it? By filming our new video, of course! Can you tell how much fun …
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What Nobody Tells Nonprofits About Making Videos: Part 2, Emotionality

What makes your video a powerful fundraising tool? Strong visuals, compelling stories, and professional graphics are great. But one thing that’s often overlooked is: emotionality. That is, make your viewers get the “feels,” make their hearts palpitate with joy, cry …
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Who’s Your First Love?: Being Loyal To Your Nonprofit’s Primary Audience(s)

Whether your first love was a poodle or your next-door neighbor, it’s time to re-live that “first-love feeling” when you think about your nonprofit’s first-love: your constituents. In today’s world where you’re engaging with so many different audiences across different channels, despite your best efforts, you might be letting your loyalty to your primary audience slip.
Here are three ways you can stay loyal to them:
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