Need a promo video? We’ve got a deal

We all know videos are powerful tools for raising awareness and fundraising. But affording professional production services can be challenging. TakeTwo is happy to offer video production and consulting services that scale to your needs as a small nonprofit. Our …
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It’s Time! Your Nonprofit Needs a Communications Gatekeeper!

The good news is your nonprofit is growing. Your community is growing, your programs calendar is chock full of opportunities, your fundraising efforts have paid off and you have new initiatives to carry out. It’s all very exciting. And everyone …
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Creating An Identity: The Case of the Caribbean Heritage Network

A long time ago, when I was twenty-two, I had no idea who I really was. I just knew who I was projecting wasn’t right for me. And I had picked the best place to reinvent myself: New York City. …
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The Great Grant Hustle

The Great Grant Hustle is the name I’ve given the first quarter of 2016. It encapsulates my belief that the first quarter is a time to submit as many strong grant applications as possible. Here are some tips on how to execute a great grant hustle for your organization…
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Always Eat Green Worms & Other Tips for Nonprofit Communication (From My Kids)

  Last week was my first week at work after spending a couple weeks with my two boys, both under age four. I was looking forward to interacting with adults again. But, my kids informed my writing and conversation as …
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