Belt Magazine

TakeTwo was thrilled to work with Belt Magazine during the 2017 holiday season. It was the opportune time to launch a fundraising campaign announcing the magazine’s pending nonprofit status and renewed mandate to provide independent journalism in the Rust Belt, and sharing its new website and membership opportunities.

The campaign was a big hit! BeltMag raised over $14,000 – more than any other campaign it had conducted in the past. New memberships were gained, renewals secured, and excitement garnered for a very big year of journalism in 2018.

Our new friends at BeltMag are determined to fill the dearth of focus and attention in mainstream media to the diverse issues and perspectives of the Midwest. With its new vision in place, BeltMag will take a more journalistic direction, covering the politics, policy concerns, and culture of the Rust Belt and the Midwest in the Age of Trump, and dynamic 21st Century. Belt Magazine will publish long form narrative journalism, investigative reporting, op-eds, and essays that speak to the sociopolitical and socioeconomic concerns of the Midwest — specifically, those policy concerns that have national implications and which will factor into the 2018 midterm elections, and the 2020 presidential election, and beyond.

TakeTwo is excited for the organization’s future – and will stay close as this important year moves forward.

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