Melton Foundation

From 2013 through 2014, TakeTwo worked with the Melton Foundation, an international network focused on “global citizenship” to develop a new brand identity for them. This included creating a new logo, tagline and visual style for the organization, and website.

The cover of the new Brand Book for the Melton Foundation.But the Melton Foundation wasn’t re-branding because they were bored with the logo they had. They had been through a comprehensive strategic planning process and had a refined mission. The brand identity needed to change to communicate that mission and pave the road for where they are heading. Like some other nonprofits though, the Melton Foundation faced a particular challenge: as a network of “Fellows” – individual members who join the Foundation in college and stay members the rest of their lives – they needed to ensure that the new brand represented not just the mission, but the network itself.

We developed a comprehensive re-branding process to involve their many stakeholders, and through it developed the new logo, tagline and visual identity.

The new Melton Foundation logo and tagline.
The logo conveys the idea of a global network with the “weave” demonstrating the strong and life-long relationships that the Foundation nurtures. The colors demonstrate the diversity of the network and the tagline… well, it conveys the essence of what the Melton Foundation engenders.

Once the re-branding was complete, we worked to implement the Melton Foundation brand in phases with new materials and like here, on Facebook.

In 2013 and 2014, we also provided Melton Foundation with fundraising strategy development and training for its new Director of Development.

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