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The Age Old Question – Should You Require a Board Give/Get?

This is a question our clients often grapple with – generally, the question comes about when a Board was formed before a Give/Get seemed critical – when passion, hard work, and commitment to the mission were priority. As time goes …
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How LinkedIn Can Boost Your Board

Social media can help you connect in all sorts of ways – with new friends in your field, relatives you rarely see, or ex-boyfriends you’d rather forget. But did you ever think about the ways that social media can help you connect with new board members?
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Choosing the Right Nonprofit Board Member

Non profit leaders have to grapple with this issue all the time.

Sometimes, an organization has a great board in place, but they have to deal with the reality that board members cycle out and new members need to be recruited.

In my line of work, I hear more from the organizations trying to revitalize their board of directors – to increase fundraising capacity and visibility, and/or to strengthen leadership and strategic direction. Yet, non profit leaders struggle with how to pick their board members. I suggest actively using the check off list below to guide your decision-making.
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