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Time to Align! Considering your organization’s values, mission, culture for the way forward (with link to Webinar!)

We talk a lot about mission. We talk about vision. We don’t talk about values often. Yet, value statements are critical even in the corporate setting. For nonprofits, our activities, integrity, and vision (i.e. values) for the world and future …
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It’s Time! Your Nonprofit Needs a Communications Gatekeeper!

The good news is your nonprofit is growing. Your community is growing, your programs calendar is chock full of opportunities, your fundraising efforts have paid off and you have new initiatives to carry out. It’s all very exciting. And everyone …
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Don’t Change For Your Funders…or Should You?

“We shouldn’t chase funding.  We shouldn’t change our mission and work to be more appealing to donors.”  We hear this from nonprofit leaders from time to time at TakeTwo. On paper, it is totally true.  But, in reality, it is …
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One Of The Best Things A Nonprofit Can Do: Practice What You Preach

Two Cents has focused the last couple of blogs on work culture – the challenges and opportunities to improve it in our modern day’s changing work environment. It’s something we come back to often. As part of this series, let’s …
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Don’t Forget Your Biggest Asset – Cultivating Loyalty in Your Employees

Good, loyal, hardworking talent is difficult to find. I’ve always had a visceral reaction to staff turnover. It makes me sad. If I work for the organization myself, I feel vulnerable to the change and afraid for the future of the organization. You can say I don’t like change, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, over the years, there has proved to be something in my instinctual fear of turnover.
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