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In a nutshell: we help nonprofits with the nuts-and-bolts of communications and fundraising.



We offer:

Nonprofit Communications

Nonprofit Development


For Director of Communications or Development services at 1/3 the cost of a full time employee, check out our Communications 360 and Development 360 packages.

And if you have a knotty problem, we offer “2 on 1” counsel on Board, Donor and Media (including social media) Relations, staff trainings and one-offs.



Tell your organization’s story consistently and convincingly. We help you define your organization’s unique position and personality, and communicate it through your visual identity and core messaging.

WHAT YOU GET: Ranges from a “Brand Bible”: a clear, concise overview of the core elements of your brand with recommendations for how to show-and-tell it—to “Real Re-branding”: a complete overhaul of your brand (often includes new / updated colors, logo, tagline, core key messages). Bonus: buy-in from your staff and board on what your organization stands for!

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Strategic Fundraising & Communications Plans:

Put your fundraising, marketing, and communications goals into focus. We will work with you to assess your current practices, your mission goals, your staff and Board capacity and build a short-term and long-term development and communications plan that is realistic (and ambitious!) for your organization.

WHAT YOU GET: An internal, and if needed, external audit of your current organizational (including fundraising, communications, and marketing) practices. The audits will result in a written short-term and long-term fundraising and communications plan.

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Marketing Campaigns:

Reach the people you need to, and build a strong and lasting relationship with them. We develop targeted strategies and materials—from brochures to e-newsletters—to reach and invest your key constituents over the long-term. We also design short-term marketing campaigns to open hearts, minds and wallets.

WHAT YOU GET: Profiles of your main target audiences, detailed marketing plans including recommendations of tools and timing. Design of tools and implementation of tactics.

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Grant Writing and Management:

Fill your grant writing and management needs through TakeTwo.  We work closely with staff to develop compelling proposals for your program and operational needs.  We conduct comprehensive prospect research which leaves no stone unturned.  And we help you submit the proposals, managing institutional donor relationships, and if needed, keep your grants calendar.

WHAT YOU GET: High level, successful grant writing, grants management, and institutional donor relationship building at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

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Website Design:

Your website is how people can find you. But is it representative of your work? Do people come to the home page and get lost or worse, click away from your site? With strategic website design, we help you create a site that is fresh in design, strategic in its goals, and best of all, easy to navigate and update!

WHAT YOU GET: Re-designed or brand new website, with “user flows” and strategically planned architecture.

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Event Fundraising Strategy:

Improve the fundraising outcomes of your annual or special events.  We will analyze your current practices, develop a fundraising strategy, and work with your staff and volunteer team to meet realistic, but ambitious fundraising goals.

WHAT YOU GET: High level fundraising expertise as you plan special events inclusive of major donor cultivation strategy, individual and institutional cultivation expertise, volunteer management, and creative solutions to increase fundraising success through events.

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Online Engagement:

Leverage your website and Tweet, blog and Facebook your nonprofit or campaign to success in the online world. We help you tweak your website and propose ways to increase visitors; decide whether and what type of social media you need and how to implement it; test and refine your online strategies to engage new people in your cause.

WHAT YOU GET: Refined/updated website, social media presence, strategies and tips to increase and improve online engagement.

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Individual and Major Donor Cultivation and Strategy:

Fill the missing piece in your fundraising plan – individual and major donor cultivation is often times critical to long-term nonprofit financial security.  We will work with you to identify your opportunities and assets, including annual appeals, special events, social media campaigns, volunteer leadership development, monthly giving, and major donor asks.  Now is the time to get started on improving your individual donor relations!

WHAT YOU GET: Ambitious and manageable individual and major donor cultivation plans and actions.  Our strategies consider short- and long-term goals to ensure the financial success of your institution over time.

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Video Production and Photography:

The world now demands that nonprofits use video content and moving imagery to share the impact of their mission and methodology.  We have a team of visual artists to develop, direct, shoot, and edit your next powerful film.  Use a mix of video and photography to get your message across – our team can do it all. Take a look at our team’s work here.

WHAT YOU GET: Beautiful, powerful films and/or photography that effectively visualize the impact of your work.

Board Development & Training:

Get the Board of your dreams—leadership that has fundraising on the mind and knows how to get it done. We will work directly with your Board to build their understanding of their role in fundraising and to train them in how to cultivate relationships with donors and “make an ask.”

WHAT YOU GET: A tailored training series for your Board and its specific needs, which may include sessions focused on their role in fundraising; how they can provide leadership in major giving; how they can best communicate the organization’s mission; how to make fundraising events more profitable; and how to make “asks” to potential and current donors.

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Staff Trainings:

Give your staff the tools and training they need to grow your organization’s budget and brand. We will train your staff on how to use the new tools you have. Plus, we can help them master the nuts-and-bolts of communication (from writing press releases to making dynamic presentations) and of development (from learning how to write and manage grants to event planning to major giving programs.) We tailor trainings to the skills and experience your staff already have. Check out an outline of the trainings we offer here. 


We also do the one-off projects that require two heads and of course, two services: annual reports, annual appeals, special anniversary campaigns, and strategy for leveraging events for fundraising and community engagement.

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