How will the world know you if they can’t see you?

Once upon a time branding for nonprofits was an afterthought. Your brand developed organically as you focused on your core: your services and programs. But today, your organization’s brand identity is critical for people to know you, believe in what you do, and support what you aspire for.

Your nonprofit’s brand identity – the story about yourself – is fundamental to people knowing you.

We help you with the building blocks of your brand: defining your organization’s unique position and personality, and communicating it through your visual identity – your logo, your “look and feel” – messaging – your name, tagline and key messages, and marketing materials.

But ultimately, your brand identity is the experience people have with your organization – online, on-site and all the time. We convey the promise and story of your organization consistently and convincingly. You fulfill that promise, you make the story true.

Helping to tell the story of who you are:

Bix Gabriel, who provides strategy and tells stories

Michael Fisher, who writes, writes, writes

Kerstin Vogdes Diehn, who brings strategy, design and strategic design(!)

Czarina Chung, who makes all things beautiful








Take a peek (or two) at some of our work.



Branding: Visual Identity

Marketing: Brochures and more

How to become a global citizen: the Melton Foundation’s brochure, developed in collaboration with their development manager.


You Gotta Believe’s new brochure demonstrates “It’s never too late for family.”


Averill Solutions’ brochure showcases the breadth of their work.

The postcard introducing Averill Solutions… to the world!