A nut or a bolt.

A hammer or a nail.

Take your pick.

Ever find yourself with a nail but no hammer? Or, sometimes, you have all the tools but no plan on how to use them?

With TakeTwo’s Toolkit of fundraising and communications packages, you choose what fits your needs best. We offer an a` la carte approach so you can find the right nut for your particular bolt.

  • Development 360

    • Use TakeTwo to meet fundraising goals
    • Get a “Director of Development” at one-third the expense
    • Grants oversight, donor cultivation, and fundraising strategy development and implementation
    • Gain an overarching fundraising strategy and help implementing it with staff

    $3,000 monthly

  • TakeTwo’s 2-4-1 Training

    • Use TakeTwo to make your next board meeting worth everyone’s time
    • Help your board learn how to talk about your organization and fundraise for it
    • TakeTwo will present two trainings in three hours:

    * How to make a pitch
    * How to make “the ask.”
    $1,500 total

  • Communications 360

    • Use TakeTwo to meet all your visibility goals
    • Get a “Director of Communications” at one-third the expense
    • Strategy and oversight on your brand, website, social media and marketing
    • Gain an overarching communications strategy and help implementing it with staff.

    $3,000 monthly

  • Create A Compelling Campaign

    • Use TakeTwo to develop your next fundraising & marketing campaign
    • Set realistic fundraising goals and use communications tools to meet them
    • Appeal to the hearts and minds of your donors using stories, photos, and videos
    • Includes online and direct mail campaigns.

    $3,000 to $7,500 (depending on needs and scope)

If none of these particular nuts or bolts works for you, call or email us to find the right one; we don’t just offer this toolkit, we have a whole toolshed of support. Email us today to find out more.