Move. Inspire. Advocate. Through the moving image. AKA Video.

Video is the single most effective platform to conveying your message to a wide ranging audience. Through the power of visual storytelling, the work your organization does can spring to life and inspire people in ways that a newsletter or a brochure simply cannot.

A well-crafted cinematic video can put a face to the realities you are tackling – and the success you are achieving, and help people know and remember you.

Whether you are looking to share an intimate story of a program’s success; showcase the people that make your organization tick; or outline your plans for the future, video is the clearest way to pass on that information and, more importantly, stir individuals to action.

Meet TakeTwo’s dream team for video production: Matthew Lapiska and Fivel Rothberg.

Our portfolio of videos include the following – and more.


Inspire your community, and political leaders, to take action with an emotional appeal and hard facts. As social justice activists ourselves, we know what it takes to move an audience to  action. Video is a key component in any contemporary political or social change campaign.

Now Is The Time – a video for The Fund for Modern Courts.

Event Documentation and Highlights

Document your next conference, gala or symposium with professional video. Gain traction with a five-minute highlight video and interviews with your members. And post the keynotes, or more, for everyone to check out.

Socialism Is… for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Gala Showcase or Awards

A well-produced gala or awards video celebrates the achievements of passionate do-gooders, enlivens the atmosphere and connects donors with real life heroes so they feel even better about giving.

Lydia Martinez Multidisciplinary Collaboration Awards 2014 for the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault.


Public Service Announcements are short, compelling and powerful messages that are often 15, 30 and 60-seconds long.

iHelp: Sandy Stress Relief (30 second PSA) for Mental Health Association of NYC.

And more!

Need professional help with editing video that you already have on-hand? Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for a viral video that will help your cause but need assistance executing it? We do that too! .

Example Viral Video: “Sh*t Men Say to Men Who Say Sh*t to Women on the Street”

Editing Example: “Victor Valenzuela” Participant Profile for the Melton Foundation.